San Francisco to Host Economic Summit on Women and the Economy

Later this year, San Francisco will host a summit of nearly 500 women entrepreneurs from the U.S. and Asia. Its leader? None other than Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.

The Summit is expected to focus on “Entrepreneurialism, greater involvement in the workforce, and access to capital across the region”, according to

In addition to the 500 entrepreneurs, approximately 3500 public servants and executives of every ilk will attend some 70 meetings on various economic topics – from green business to healthcare to the future of transportation infrastructure.

The topic of women and the economy has been especially fraught since the Recession hit. Feminists, economists, and the media circulated a frenzy of conflicting theories about a woman’s role in the American economy as we no-longer-know-it. Women still make a great deal less than their male co-workers, have less money saved, and are more likely to lose their jobs; on the other hand, women make up an increasing percentage of college graduates, and often excel at the sorts of communications-based jobs that are beginning to dominate the American job-sphere.

There’s no official word yet on the date and location of the Summit, but San Francisco will make a fantastic host-city.

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