Elizabeth Taylor’s Bel Air Mansion on the Market for $8.6 Million

Elizabeth Taylor, the inimitable violet-eyed Empress of Hollywood’s Golden Age, had quite a love affair with real estate.

Now, about two months after her death from heart failure at the age of 79, her beloved home in Bel Air has hit the market for $8.6 million, says the Daily Mail.


The 7,000 square foot home, which features two master-bedroom “suites”, a sauna, maid’s quarters, and a lush English garden, has belonged to Taylor for about thirty years.



Taylor’s estate seems to be leaking just a few photos of the estate at a time – perhaps to discourage looky-loos, perhaps just because that’s the glamorous thing to do.  The People magazine blurb about the property comes with the caveat “pre-approved buyers only need apply”.

It’s a gorgeous house and we’re happy to see it, but in the end it’s kind of a bummer. Odds are good that the new owner, whoever she is, won’t be filling this house with Oscars, diamonds, and glamour on such an Elizabeth-an scale. We miss you, Liz.

*Pictures from People and from CurbedLa via Architectural Digest. If you want to see the official listing, click here.


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