Fugly and Proud Los Angeles Real Estate

It’s Tuesday and that’s not exciting, so we thought we’d share a little bit of immensely-entertaining novelty real estate.

Today’s featured bit of real estate insanity comes to us courtesy of CurbedLA. So far as we know, no one especially famous has lived there, but that’s okay. The disturbing decor is really the “star” here.

For starters, the front lawn is lined with plaster replicas of the David. Never mind the David’s long-standing canonical status as a “masterpiece”, and never mind that masterpieces are inherently one of a kind:

But it gets even better. How, you might ask? Well, the house is full of fake dogs. Ugh. Not only that, but no one bothered to remove them from the listing photos. Also, there’s a giant disembodied ceramic hand in the dining room:

To top it off, the kitchen and backyard create an utterly bizarre contrast to the crazed-but-consistent black-and-white-with-creepy-accessories thing they had going on in the earlier photos.

And what’s this charming abode asking? $2.4 million. Not outrageous considering the neighborhood, but certainly amusing. Let’s hope the fake dogs are included.


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