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Fugly and Proud Los Angeles Real Estate

It’s Tuesday and that’s not exciting, so we thought we’d share a little bit of immensely-entertaining novelty real estate.

Today’s featured bit of real estate insanity comes to us courtesy of CurbedLA. So far as we know, no one especially famous has lived there, but that’s okay. The disturbing decor is really the “star” here.

For starters, the front lawn is lined with plaster replicas of the David. Never mind the David’s long-standing canonical status as a “masterpiece”, and never mind that masterpieces are inherently one of a kind:

But it gets even better. How, you might ask? Well, the house is full of fake dogs. Ugh. Not only that, but no one bothered to remove them from the listing photos. Also, there’s a giant disembodied ceramic hand in the dining room:

To top it off, the kitchen and backyard create an utterly bizarre contrast to the crazed-but-consistent black-and-white-with-creepy-accessories thing they had going on in the earlier photos.

And what’s this charming abode asking? $2.4 million. Not outrageous considering the neighborhood, but certainly amusing. Let’s hope the fake dogs are included.


To the Bat Cave! (Not that one. The OTHER Bat Cave)

It’s Friday, so we were hoping to find something fun to post about California real estate. And voila! CurbedLA has just posted pics of the Hollywood home of one of the silver screen’s greatest, oldest, and most inimitable stars – Bela Lugosi.

In case you’re not an ancient-movie fiend, Bela Lugosi is the Hungarian actor who made “Count Dracula” a household name and vampires an American pop-culture obsession from which, if the Twilight train wreck is any indication, we have yet to recover.

Eternally branded as “Dracula”, Lugosi slipped into obscurity and poverty in his later life and died of a heart attack in a ramshackle cottage in Los Angeles in 1956. (I’m getting this information from the excellent film Ed Wood, in case anyone’s curious.) The home recently listed on CurbedLA belonged to Lugosi during the 40s, so it isn’t his final residence.

These days the house is a bit of a fixer-upper – Curbed reports that the place hasn’t hit the market in 40 years – but overall it looks surprisingly normal, all things considered. Or does it?

Here’s the outside. A little gloomy, but okay:

And here’s the front door. Pretty cozy-looking, we must say:

Here’s one of the water-closets:

The kitchen could use a little love, but it’s  still charming in a mid-century kind of way:

Here’s a big foyer/hall/living room:

And here’s the inside of the living room. Totally normal – except for that disembodied torso stencil/decal plastered on the wall. Whatever.