Brave Petaluma Realtor Takes on the Bay – 80 Times.

Yes, you read that headline correctly – Bay Area Realtor Kathie Hewko has gone swimming in the San Francisco Bay 80 times. Eighty. Eight-zero.

If that sounds insane to you – well, yeah, we’re with you. But there’s a lot to be said for doing what large numbers of people consider insane – and then doing it 79 more times! Inman News recently featured Kathie’s story, and it’s pretty fantastic.

She’s been swimming across the Bay for 35 years despite ups and downs and health problems. She watches over kids swimming the Bay for the first time. And she’s going to keep doing it. As for the experience itself?

She hasn’t encountered any sharks in the bay, she said. And as for the water temperature — well, it is what it is. Fifty-one degrees Fahrenheit — which was the temperature when she swam on April 17 [when she completed her 80th swim] — is no big deal, she insists. She’s seen colder.

We’d like to say congratulations to Kathie on her 80th incredibly daring deed. May there be many, many more!


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