Take a Peek Inside One of Bel Air’s Most Famous – and Fetching – Mansions

We’ve covered some extravagant properties on this blog – the private island in the San Francisco Bay, as well as a couple of outrageously-priced palaces in Pacific Heights.

But today’s example of the fine line between luxury and insanity is the famed Spelling Manor, which semi-recently came on the market for a whopping $150 million. Yes, you’re reading that right. “15” plus SEVEN 0’s. And it certainly shows:

As you may know, this is the home of C-list celebrity Tori Spelling’s parents. Aaron Spelling is a famed producer of film and television. His daughter Tori is famous for her reality tv show “Home Sweet Hollywood” – or something.

After her father’s death, Tori’s mom Candy is “downsizing” to a $47 million condo. Tori, on the other hand, claims to have communed with recently-deceased Farrah Fawcett during an attempt to contact her father through a seance. Okay.

Is this place as extravagant as the house in Mumbai that’s supposedly worth a billion dollars? Yes and no. The house in Mumbai definitely wins points for outrageous design and the number of servants (600) required for everyday upkeep – but it really only cost $60 million to build. That billion dollar “value” is an extrapolation based on Mumbai’s booming economy.

The Spelling Manor may be an outrage in terms of size and price, but in style it’s positively fetching, and really quite subdued/traditional. We have to say, we think this place carries the day for Most Extravagant Listing Ever.


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