Can L.A. hang on to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Ennis House?

The Southern California real estate is so slow these days that even houses of great architectural/historical value are finding themselves dumped into the bargain bin.

A recent extreme example is Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Ennis House” in Los Angeles. The home, which hit the market in 2009, has seen $9 million snipped from its price-tag.

According to, the Ennis House is one of only four homes that Wright built in his distinctive “textile block” style – but despite its value as a prime work by America’s most famous modern architect, there’s a possibility that the house could be purchased by collectors and shipped all the way to Japan.

Lots of people have weighed in on what accounts for the home’s failure to sell, citing the impracticality and less-than-cozy “livability” factor of FLW’s homes.A valid point, we guess, but since when is “practicality” and a mere $6 million an impediment to owning a giant piece of limited-edition art? We can think of about a million scenarios in which that sort of thing was no problem.

So, we’re hoping this gorgeous crazy scrap of FLW’s genius can stay put, but with a price drop that huge? Anything could happen.




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