Is 2030 too soon for the “Future of L.A.”?

The community-focused-and-funded blog recently ran an article speculating on the future of Los Angeles. According to sociologists and transportation experts, the greater Los Angeles area will see huge changes in the next twenty years or so.

For one thing, traffic jams are expected to virtually dissolve. Yes, that’s right – everyone’s going to take the bus. Those who don’t want to take the bus will live downtown – in glorious sleek condos that will also serve as home-offices, gyms, and tele-portals of sorts.

If all that sounds a little bit wildly optimistic . . . . .well, maybe it is. But it’s a wonderful vision, is it not? Aside from the fact that Los Angeles residents could stop sobbing themselves into resignation while waiting to die parked in their cars on the interstate, a denser and more livable downtown would have innumerable environmental and sociological benefits. The air might be cleaner. Residents might also develop a stronger social conscience. Less commuting and more leisure time might give an extra boost to small local businesses.

In real estate terms, it could mean the end of the McMansion and the rise of the high-rise “flat”. While the death of suburbia will cause some upheaval, we think that it will ultimately be beneficial for both buyers and real estate agents.

Maybe 2030 is too soon to realistically expect cars to disappear from Sunset Boulevard. After all, the SoCal love affair with the glamour and freedom of the automobile is longstanding and intense. But then again, a lot can happen in a decade or two.


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