California’s Dignity is Now the Subject of a Lawsuit

A long while ago, when the Terminator was on his way out of office, a certain scandal (well, okay, one of many) hit the California papers: the state of California had apparently agreed to sell off a bunch of state buildings to a private entity, thus turning city governments in San Francisco and Los Angeles into perpetual renters of their own City Halls.

When Governor Brown took office, the deal was scrapped , which came, no doubt, as a relief to those Californians who’ve held onto their state pride despite mind-blowing deficits, appalling unemployment rates, and record number of foreclosures even in high-end areas like San Francisco proper.

Now it seems that state pride is taking another blow. To make matters worse, the blow comes from within the state – a group of Orange County investors who wanted to buy the buildings are suing for breach of contract. These investors, very ironically, go by the name “California First”.

Here’s what California First’s lawyer had to say:

“Like any other person or entity, the State of California has to live up to the contracts  it enters. The State negotiated and signed a contract with California First and has no right to back out of the deal.  California First met its obligations every step of the way and we intend to compel the State to live up to their end of the contract.”

Yikes. We’ll be keeping an eye on this story, for sure.






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