The changing tides of real estate – the A-Cup and San Francisco’s Waterfront

Last week, made a playful recommendation that San Franciscans, who will host the America’s Cup in 2012, “Consider an Investment in Port-a-Potty Leases Now“.  While that’s an unlikely proposition to all but the most rigorous entrepreneurial spirits, Curbed does have a good point – the Cup will definitely change the economic face of the Embarcadero, and locals (or non-locals, for that matter) might want to start looking for ways to cash in.

Recently the San Francisco Planning Department released the Notification of Preparation Report, or the NOP, which  basically details what’s going to change and what’s going to stay the same about the San Francisco waterfront..

Whether you’re actually interested the years-from-now progress of one of the most estoteric, elitist “sports” in the world, event-based real estate makes for some interesting food for thought. 

On some level, what happens when an “event” like the A-Cup or the Olympics visits a particular city is like a fast-forward of what is constantly happening in real estate over a much longer period of time.  As new advantages, needs, and opportunities arise, balances of power undergo dramatic shifts.  This “power” might be tangible profit potential from newfound foot traffic, or it could be an “intangible” like access to a once-in-a-lifetime view.

If you’re curious about San Francisco’s waterfront fate, you can check out the Curbed article above, or go straight to the NOP.


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