More jobs for Californians in 2011

Finally, some good news about the California economy.  According to the Wall Street Journal, the Bay Area can expect some job growth, particularly in San Jose and San Francisco.

That most of those jobs are probably in the tech sector should some as no surprise.  Overall, San Jose is expected to see a 1.5% improvement in employment, while San Francisco will see an increase of .5%.

While this doesn’t guarantee an overnight surge in home sales, improvement in the job market can only be good for real estate.  A small segment of the population who is almost ready to buy will feel a lot more confident once jobs are more stable and more abundant.


4 responses to “More jobs for Californians in 2011

  1. Finally is right! I am still concerned with the employment situation in California but Tech areas like San Jose are continuing to thrive.

    • Yeah, it really is about time. And the tech sector, while it’s pretty specialized/white collar, is a good place to start since it’s such a huge piece of the pie out here.

      Thanks for the comment. Is Hunter Thompson really your name??

  2. Actually, it is…and I was named after the writer. WEIRD.

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