Your own private Red Rock Island in the San Francisco Bay

Our last post, also about the Bay Area, was a little bit bleak.  To make up for it, we’re sharing some of the most delightful real estate news we’ve heard in a while: there’s a private island for sale in the middle of the Bay, and it might harbor buried treasure (!!!!!!).

Real estate aficionados with ANY inner child left at all must be absolutely giddy about this listing.  It does cost $22 million, and nobody seems to know if you can actually build a house on it but – buried treasure!  Who cares!

And actually, $22 million for your own island?  That’s totally reasonable.  There are houses in Pacific Heights going for WAY more, right?


5 responses to “Your own private Red Rock Island in the San Francisco Bay

  1. Why build a house when a tent and hiking gear would be sufficient? Or better yet, with $22 mil you could probably splurge on a lovely yacht with glamorous sleeping quarters for fabulous getaways.

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