Luxe Living in San Francisco

Generally we stick to news about California real-estate-at-large, but the Wall Street Journal recently featured a home in San Francisco that is a news story in itself.

Photo: Mark Darley via the WSJ

The home is absolutely elegant – white, neoclassical, with a rooftop terrace and perched on a hill with stunning bay views.  But its really eye-catching feature is its price-tag: $32 million.

Yes.  Even in a bay area housing market that’s been sluggish for months – $32 million. The article doesn’t say where the house is located, but we’re guessing Pacific Heights.  Take a look on our real estate map and see if you can find it!  We already tried, and had no luck.  But we did find this beauty – in Pacific Heights – for a whopping $45 million!!!  Take that!




2 responses to “Luxe Living in San Francisco

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