A mighty Sequoia in Pasadena: an oddity of local real estate, courtesy of the L.A. Times

As its Home of the Week, the Los Angeles Times recently featured a lovely home in Pasadena.  The home is exceptional in several ways.

For one thing, its owner and its architectural designer are one and the same (the famed Van-Martin Rowe), so you know it’s more than an ordinary “look at this kinda cool expensive house”  type of “Home of the Week”.

For another thing, the motif of the home is “castle”.  Yes, like with knights and ladies and dragons and stuff.  Might sound cheesy, but you know what?  It actually looks pretty great.

Last but not least, the home comes equipped with a giant sequoia.  Yes, like the kind you see up north rather than in Los Angeles.  Either this tree was seen, loved, and transplanted, or it was there, loved, and cared for remarkably well.  Either way, it provides beautiful shade for jousting.


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