Bay Area Housing Becoming Too Expensive?

Is the Bay Area becoming too pricey to live in? The Wallstreet Journal reported that as housing prices continue to rise, employees of Bay Area companies are looking elsewhere to set up their home base—even outside of the state of California.

The WSJ article highlighted three former Bay Area residents who recently purchased homes at dramatically lower prices in Portland and Seattle, while maintaining their employment at Bay Area companies. It seems that the job market in the Bay Area is still thriving, but the cost of living can be crippling to those with families or dreams of more square footage. Each one of these thrifty homebuyers telecommutes regularly and travel by plane to their Bay Area job at least once a week, and all of them believe that the reduced housing cost is worth the continued inconvenience of travel.

What do you think—is the price of affordable housing worth the cost of relentless travel to you?


3 responses to “Bay Area Housing Becoming Too Expensive?

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  2. Bay area houses price has been ridiculous and will probably continue to increase regardless of the high employment rate here. Prices of San Francisco and Sausalito market remain strong despite of the recession, and Palo Alto, Mountain View, and Cupertino markets are driven by engineers and people who want to send their kids to the best high schools.

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